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As we embrace the technological benefits that have enhanced archives across the globe, DHP@MU strives to enhance the pedagogy for students and faculty alike. Digital Humanities offers innovative resources for teaching, research, and collaboration. This section provides sample digital humanities projects taken from faculty experiences in the classroom. We’ve asked our faculty to reflect upon their DH projects, how they fit in the classroom, and any challenges that arose. We’ve also requested that faculty include supplementary materials such as assignment instructions and / or syllabi. The material below is intended for educational purposes and may not be published without the consent of the contributing faculty member.

Template for Entries

  1. Project Title & Course:
  2. Professor / Instructor name:
  3. Tool(s) / media used in the project:
  4. Please describe the course (briefly) and how this project fit:
  5. Please attach relevant assignment instructions and / or syllabi.
  6. What worked well in this project / course?
  7. What would you have done differently?
  8. Please describe student reactions to this project, both positive and negative.